Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Approaching a dangerous point.

Throughout my 12 years of driving I have had the sincere pleasure of owning 18 different automobiles.  Some were more reliable, some were more practical, some fun, some boring, and all were owned over a variety of mileage points.  Six, however had one thing in common, they were owned between the mileage of 149,900 and 150,100.  Thus far, all six that were owned between those particular mileage parameters have had a catastrophic failure that resulted in the car no longer being drivable.  As of today, my seventh car hit the danger zone.  My 2001 Honda Accord hit 149,900 this morning on the Dulles Toll Road on my way to Reston Town Center.  As if on cue, the air conditioner immediately ceased working...

I'm actually okay with the air conditioning going out at this moment, and won't need to fix it immediately since, well, fall is here.  At present, there are far more pressing concerns, such as the need to replace all the belts in the car, as well as the water pump and belt tensioner also being due within the next 1000 miles.  All told those repairs are going to set me back about $1000 plus $1000 for the air con in the spring means I'm approaching about $2000 worth of absolutely necessary repairs to the vehicle within the next several months.

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  1. That is crazy... our Honda is in that range and is currently having a head gasket replaced and the head remachined. Not catastrophic physically but it is for our budget!