Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Long Break...and another broken promise.

2,000 miles per month is my average now.
Recently I had a surprise (but good!) job change.  The amount that I had to get done in order to successfully transition ended up requiring many late nights at the office, and many weekends.  What that ended up meaning was I got WAY behind.  So, I have a backlog of about 30 entries that will trickle out over the next couple weeks.

Get ready to be inundated.

As a brief update on the car, we just passed 26,000 miles.  I'm still just as thrilled with it as I was on Day 1.  In 2015, we're looking at several nice long road trips.  As you can see to the right, we've now covered 20 of the 50 states we're aiming for.  If the travel we have planned in 2015 pans out we'll make it to 18 more!

On the winery front, we have about half a dozen more that are written, just not published.  There are also several Pizza joints written and waiting in the wings, a long with a few little local gems we've found on the road.

Watch for the first catch-up post to roll in on Wednesday.  This one reaches way back to the trip we took in August to Omaha, NE with several stops on the way.

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