Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December so far...

Current Mileage: 124,602

So far the majority of my December has been spent driving back and forth to work, and fighting for parking spaces in shopping mall parking lots and garages.

Shopping mall parking garages are a nightmare this time of year.  It's almost as if people forget that they drive in them five days per week for work, but forget how they work.  If you're in a parking garage stopping at the first car that appears it is getting ready to leave and turning on your blinker is no way to make friends.  In fact, in the time I spend sitting behind you waiting for you to pull into the spot for someone who may or may not be leaving shortly, I could have been on the next level in a spot that was, in fact, presently vacant.  Two separate occasions of this made me late for work last week.  Surprise!  It's no shorter of a walk to the elevator on the fourth floor than on the 2nd. Just keep driving, you will find a spot, even if it's not on the first floor!

We got our first snow here in the DC metro region this month.  I love how my car looks when it's covered with road salt.  While I know in my mind it's not good for the paint, it brings the car to life, and gives it personality it otherwise wouldn't have had.

On the maintenance front I got the oil changed.  New belts and hoses coming in January.

My December road trip has been postponed, however, because of my work and school schedule.  Watch for the road trips to kick back in sometime in January.

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