Friday, January 8, 2010

A new year

2010 started off with a bang, and the car started off with 125,310 miles.  So far the big thing that happened with the car is the check engine light has now popped on twice with the same code.  Apparently, my ECU is fried.  Either way I can fix that tomorrow.  It's not an urgent repair.

I have one entry in queue still from 2009 that I haven't yet published.  I took a road trip in the last few days.

As far as 2010 goes, I decided that I'm going to be eating out less and cooking at home more.  I bought two new cook books.

First on the list was Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. 1.  Quite frankly, I realized after the first thing I made out of this book, that it's going to be quite a money saver, however, my waistline is almost certainly going to suffer.

Second, I bought a road trip suitable cookbook.  "Manifold Destiny"  Which is entirely a guide to cooking on your car engine.  Now I'll be able to prepare a meal at home, throw it on the engine and have a fresh cooked dinner when I'm half way to my destination rather than running through McDonalds.

Links to both books are at the end of the entry.

Most importantly however, I've decided I'm going to kick it up a notch on this blog.  The goal for 2010?  At least one entry per day.  Since I don't drive every single day, it'l be tough...(so far today, I've not gone anywhere...) but I think it will make this a whole lot more interesting.

And here are the links to my latest books!

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