Friday, August 6, 2010

1998 Nissan Altima

While the car isn't exactly the most beautiful thing that's ever been built, it's extremely functional.  When I go and twist the key, the car starts, without question.  The radio works, it's not the most beautiful sound, but it gets the job done.  The only thing I have an issue with right now is the air conditioning makes fart-sounds.  It moans and groans all the time.  Even with the fart sounds though, it works, which is more than I can say about the Volvo.

Yesterday was an incredibly normal day.  I drove back and forth in it to work.  I had to run to Reston, VA to take some paperwork to my old job, and in the midst of it I got trapped in a massive storm which did a decent amount of damage throughout the DC metro region.  One thing I did notice the car does not like is 80 mile per hour winds.  However, I can't fault it.  Not many cars do.  Aside from getting tossed around VA-267 by the wind, the car performed without a fault.

The thing I kept realizing about this car, is it easily has another 100,000 miles of life left in it.  The engine is strong, the transmission feels solid.  It could easily go to 300,000 miles without any issues.  At 12 years old, it's very impressive how much life is left in the car.

Today brings another normal day, so there won't be an update.  Saturday, however, is a road trip to Chapel Hill, NC.  It should be interesting :-)

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