Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a normal day.

I spent most of the day today driving around Northern Virginia running errands.  After a falling out with my former bank, I signed up at a local credit union.  The problem I had with today, however is it is HOT.  At one point the temperature gauge in the Volvo registered at 120 degrees.  While I know it wasn't exactly that hot, it might as well have been.

The lack of air conditioning is starting to annoy me again...even though I'm still thrilled to have the car back, I would much rather be able to just sit in place with the windows down rather than be buffeted by 60 mile per hour winds on 28.  The big problem is, it would cost $1000 to fix, while that doesn't seem too bad on the surface, the car is only worth about that to begin with, so it's not worth the expense.  When I get a replacement car at some point, I'll keep the Volvo to drive around during the winter.  In the meantime, it's manual air conditioning and shady parking spaces for me.

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