Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 2 with the Honda

Fortunately for me, I had an idea of what I was planning on getting when I bought my car.  I wanted a 1999 or newer Honda Accord EX, 4 cyl or 6 cyl didn't matter, but I wanted it to have leather, and I wanted it to be around $2000.  Oh, and despite the fact that I LOVE driving vehicles with a manual, an automatic was a "must have" feature due to my commute that's going to be starting up in June.  Unfortunately, starting in June I'll be sitting in traffic for 20 miles each way every day to and from my new school.

Today I drove about 50 miles just running errands such as Costco, a trip by my school, as well as a stop to pick up my first textbook for the Spring semester from my friend Kenny and a quick stop by Barnes and Noble to grab some semester break reading.

The best thing about the first day out in the car is I have been able to figure out some things about the car that I like, as well as several I do not.

What I like about the car so far is the engine and transmission are incredibly smooth and quiet.  The car is comfortable and not frustrating to drive like the Volvo was.  I don't feel angry driving it like I did on occasion in the Volvo.  Having a proper trunk, rather than a wagon is also incredibly nice.  I wasn't worried about people peering into the car after a stop at a store or two, unlike the Volvo.

Now, there are a few minor annoyances.  First, the cup holders are more annoying than the ones in the Volvo, and quite frankly, I thought that was impossible.  For a 21 oz beverage (McDonalds Medium, Burger King Small, or the same size of beverage you get at the Costco food court) you almost need to stuff extra padding since they're wider than what I've gotten used to, which means my 21 oz diet cola was leaning and sloshing for the entire time I was running errands.

Second, there are a few things I got used to having in the Volvo that I already miss.  The Honda doesn't have heated seats, or a trip computer.  Nor does it have heated seats or any way to hard wire my iPod into the car stereo without pulling the head unit.

All things considered, though, I'm happy with the vehicle so far!

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