Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The interesting visitors to this Blog...

First of all, I hope google doesn't get upset I took a screen capture from my Analytics account...I apologize in advance Google, please forgive me.  For anyone who has their own website Analytics is a wonderful (FREE) software application available through Google, just visit

Anyway, of the visitors to this site, 484 are from the USA, 22 from Brazil, and 20 from Canada.  The 484 visitors from the USA are primarily from Virginia, and the 20 from Canada are primarily in the Toronto metropolitan region, including Oakville, Hamilton, London, and Toronto proper.

There were some surprises in the data...for example, I have one visitor...who's visited 14 separate times from Saudi Arabia.  I have 18 visitors from Russia, 3 of whom visit the site once a month or more.  My Slovenian visitor has come by three times, and has the highest average page view count of any of the other visitors.  Finally, this site has been visited at least once from every continent except Africa.

So, my question to my readers...where are you from?  Say hello and leave something in the comments section!

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