Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why I broke my own rules.

What it all boils down to, whether you like it or not, it's my blog, they're my rules, so I can do what I want.

Jorg the Jetta: First Day off the truck!

That said, I still am a strong believer in buying an older car with more miles on it.

There are a few exceptions that I make for that rule however.  In my case, because of a new job I needed to drive a vehicle made by one of the manufacturers that my company works for, which was a driving force.  I strongly debated keeping the Accord, and buying something "interesting" from one of those manufacturers, but the downside becomes that the longer I kept the Accord, the odds that something bad would happen to it grew.

Even with my somewhat insane maintenance schedule, at 162,000 miles and 13 years old the chances of a substantial repair were enormous. 

After the Accord left me stuck at home one day because it wouldn't start, and put my job into jeopardy because of it I decided the time to get something newer and more reliable was upon me.  When I ran a five year cost comparison of what a 2 year old Jetta would be, vs. a brand new Jetta, the five year cost of each vehicle was roughly the same (The new one was only a few dollars more) and with the additional equipment I'd get on the new one, the brand new Jetta was just a better deal.

Only 8 Miles!
So in Late November, I called Paul Turk, my Volkswagen Salesman at Stohlman Automotive,  and  said I wanted a Black on Black 2014 Jetta SE with Sunroof and Connectivity.  Lucky for me there was one on the truck on the way in from the factory, so just a few days wait and there it was!

The car was so new that when we signed for it there were merely 8 miles on the odometer.  Fortunately it did not stay that low for long.  By the end of the first month I was somewhere around 2000, and within a week after that I was hovering close to 2500.  I figured out that if I keep driving like this, I expect the car will breach the 100,000 barrier sometime around 2017. 

I fully expect this vehicle will take me beyond 200,000 miles, so perhaps some day in the not too distant future we'll be back to the original intent of the blog!

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