Thursday, July 17, 2014

A near perfect coffee: Java Java; Charlottesville, VA

Some of my friends deem my Starbucks swilling ways an addiction.  In all likelyhood it probably is, but I'm not complaining.  Starbucks, however, is not my favorite coffee.  In fact, I don't particularly care for it, but I continue to go because it's the best immediately available where I live.

Coffee is a feature that I would have liked to have put more in the front of this blog.  The downside is a good coffee is relatively inaccessible to me here in Northern Virginia, primarily because Starbucks is on every street corner. 

However, because of the lack of good local coffee shops in this area, the feature would die out after about three weeks. 

It's certainly not for lack of trying, but beyond Katie's Coffee House in Great Falls, and Green Iguana in Herndon, VA there isn't much.  Oh suburbia, how I loathe the.

Charlottesville, VA, on the other hand, has extremely high quality local coffee shops on almost every corner...and almost no Starbucks locations.  While this is almost unheard of, it is always a huge relief for me to find a town where local entrepreneurs are not only supported, but celebrated. 

Java Java on the downtown mall is one such example.  The cappuccino I ordered was perfect.  I was just getting ready to order a second when my colleague called to let me know he had arrived.  So, I had to go, but I'll be looking forward to going back some day soon.

You can reach Java Java on the web at the time of writing there is no twitter handle.

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