Monday, July 14, 2014

And we're off...AGAIN!

One look through the "Drafts" section of the manager for this blog tells a sad, sad story.  And that story is that I'm FAR behind.  As of this Wednesday I'll be caught up to May.  There may come a day soon where I post two wineries a week just to get reasonably caught up!

This past week provided me the opportunity to do a whirlwind tour of central Virginia.  Unfortunately the return was quick and I didn't get to visit any wineries, but I did find a gem of a coffee shop and a wonderful pizza joint...within walking distance of each other.  The Coffee shop is going to appear on Thursday of this week, the Pizza joint probably in a few months (I'm about 5 weeks behind right now on those!).

The weather this July (aside from some torrential rains) has been every bit of perfect.  Last Monday was a crystal clear day, and a perfect day to drive down 29 to Charlottesville, VA to drop off some equipment with one of my co-workers. 

The return trip was perfect, and while I'm no fan of a sunroof, mine was open the entire trip back. 

The weekly update for this blog may go on hiatus for a bit in the coming weeks as I'm busy prepping for my trip to Omaha, but it will be back soon!

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