Friday, May 22, 2009

Beginning Mileage 114,186

Today was spent mostly sitting around waiting for my car to get out so I could get that nasty rejection sticker removed from the windshield.

It ended up costing $252.16 to get one tire, and the headlights adjusted so I could keep driving for yet another year. Believe it or not, in 20,000 miles it's going to be time for new tires all around anyway. So this single tire I purchased is somewhat of a band-aid. The good news is since I replaced that one tire, the ABS/TRACS light has stopped coming on around corners! Maybe that was the issue rather than the ABS sensor (read: VERY expensive) that my mechanic said needed to be fixed.

After retrieving the vehicle, I went to Embassy Auto Wash here in Sterling and paid another $7.75 to get the car washed. It was clearly time. The only thing I'm upset about, now that I've finally washed the car it almost guarantees rain in the near future.

Finally, I had a round trip commute today. Not a good day for photos, but we'll get some up tomorrow!

Ending Mileage: 114,243

Total Mileage: 57

Total Vehicle Expense: $259.91

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