Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Month End Recap

Beginning Mileage: 113,757

Ending Mileage: 115,109

Total Miles: 1,352

Total Vehicle Expense: $436.86

Total Cost per Mile: $0.32

Overall for being a partial month, May was not too costly on the Volvo even with the unscheduled repair. When all things are considered, if you deduct the average car payment from what I spent, I only spent $36.86 to run my car for an entire month. That's not bad for any stretch of the imagination...because it also includes all gas, all maintenance and all repairs. Aside from the one repair, of which $0 would be covered under a typical new car warranty, someone making payments on a newer car would have had on average a total of $836.86. Stay tuned for June, there are two exciting road trips planned, as well as the biannual state emissions inspection for Virginia.

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