Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just a general update...

It's been about 20 days since my last entry.  I'm back in school full time and still working full time.  I haven't driven very much in the past 20 days...only about 500 miles, with 100 of them last week when I ran to Ikea to get a few new things for the house. 

The fact of the matter is, if you ever go to Ikea, a Volvo station wagon is the ideal car for you to own.  Granted I didn't buy much on this trip (only two wine racks, two end tables, and some magazine holders), the Volvo swallowed it with ease.  After getting my end tables home, I realized I'm going to have to go back to buy two more.   Actually, I'm going to have to buy more of everything I bought on this trip.  The wine racks are already full, and I still have a few bottles that need to be stored. 

On top of that, I need to get two more of the end tables for my guest room...since I've still not really done anything in there yet...oh, and some curtains :-).

Aside from Ikea, though,  I'm no longer driving to and from Annandale for school.  I'm only driving about two miles from my house four days per week...and work is still only 10 miles away.  So, my average day is only a total of 20 miles now, rather than 60 which is what it was when I was going to the Annandale campus.  That means, I'm probably going to be able to stretch another year out of the life of this car.

Sorry for a boring entry...there is a more exciting one coming up next week.

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