Monday, May 19, 2014

Mothers Day Adventures

When my sister and I started planning Mothers Day 2014, we decided that the typical Mothers Day activities consisting of a Sunday Morning church service, and a crappy "Family" restaurant weren't in the cards.  My sister and I like wine, our mom likes wine, so off to the vineyards we went.  The whole trip was great, and a great side track from the typical Mothers Day Activities. 

Since the three parties involved are spread far and wide in the state of Virginia, Ruckersville seemed like an equally inconvenient place, as such we decided that we would stop in two or three wineries in the area before shoving off for our respective trips back home. 

Because the grand-dog wanted to visit my parents for the week, I needed to stop in Harrisonburg before slipping across the mountain, because I had a business trip back to New Jersey.

After picking up my parents, we loaded up our respective cars an headed east on US 33, across the Blue Ridge and into Ruckersville. 

It was a highly beneficial day from a wine perspective, as we got to visit two wineries none of us had ever been to, Barboursville and Horton.  One of the two I recommend a trip to, the other, unfortunately I'd recommend skipping despite the potential.  Those reviews are coming. 

After stopping at both wineries, I headed off in my own direction as the Virginia Starbucks mug had still proven to be elusive (you can read about that adventure here, here and here).  I was determined that by the end of the day I would have the mug in my hand.  Sure enough, after stopping in four Starbucks stores on my way down to I-64, I found it. 

8000 miles! 
My plan to stop at a well known pizza joint for the pizza feature was unfortunately thwarted by the dwindling sun, my need to pack for a business trip scheduled the next day, and my increasing exhaustion.  I decided instead to high tail it back north, and find a good pizza another day.   

All around Mothers Day was an absolute joy for all four of us.  We can say with certainty we're looking forward to a repeat on Fathers Day!

Finally, as I got close to home, right there in the middle of 28, the Jetta hit a big milestone.  2,000 miles left until the first maintenance!

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