Friday, May 23, 2014

Pizza Friday - Jimmy's New York Pizza, Sterling, VA

There are days, granted they're rare, that I just don't feel like leaving, or for whatever reason, I'm bogged down in something and can't leave the house for dinner.  With the dishwasher in progress, one load of laundry in the washer, another in the dryer, and yet another waiting, not to mention the vacuuming I've neglected over the past several weeks, and a pending business trip, tonight just was not the night to put everything I needed to get done off to a later date. 

Just because I'm staying home for dinner doesn't mean I'm going to abandon my "No Large Pizza Chains" principle.  In fact, Jimmy's is one of the restaurants that proves my "You can always find a local place that's as good as or better than the national chains rule.

The proof behind this is the sizing.  For roughly the same price that you'd pay for a smaller Large at one of the national chains, I got a medium.   I can't even venture a guess as to what the "Large" would be, because I couldn't even finish half of the medium.  Not only was it bigger than all three of the major pizza delivery places, but it was leaps and bounds better in flavor and ingredients.  

Despite the high quality, tonight's pie was just a simple pepperoni, with no extras.  Plain, boring, but a staple in college dorm rooms and mediocre office parties everywhere.    

What made it unique though is it was a real New York style pie.  With the frequency I head north to the Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey area, I've had my fair share of good pizza.  This one ranks among the best, and it's hidden in a sketchy strip mall in Sterling, VA.  More importantly though: they deliver to my house.  Finding this diamond in the rough was a huge and welcome surprise.

After dinner tonight, I realized that I'm hooked.  There is no way I can order from any other pizza place for delivery while I'm living in this house.  I certainly am looking forward to trying it again.

You can find Jimmy's on the web at

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