Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wine Day - Loudoun Valley Vineyards

When I was mapping out my route the other week, I noticed that Loudoun Valley was strategically locatated at the mid-point between two of the other wineries that I wanted to stop by.  As such, it seemed only logical that I'd make a quick detour on the way to Cocoran!

I promise I took some photos of Loudoun Valley, but this isn't one.
I hadn't heard of Loudoun Valley, so I didn't really know what to expect.  What I found was a winery in a near perfect location, with a disappointing tasting room, and selection.

They tried hard!  But the downside is they tried too hard.  I found that many of the whites were over-aged, the reds were probably aged appropriately, but the entire group of wines they had were similarly vinegary.  The only one I bought was the 2011 Traminette, which was probably perfect about a year or two ago.

I will certainly not fault them for trying.  There are few joys in this world for me beyond a perfectly aged wine.  I always long for a day when I can buy a properly aged wine direct from the shelf.  The problem comes in that there are so many variables that come into play.  I've certainly made my own mistakes in the aging process, but here is a vintner selling wines that are beyond their peak.  I'd like to go back next year at some point and try their 2012's and 2013's.  Not the 2009's and 2010's which is what they'll be selling.

It will be a good place to return to at some point, but I just don't think they're there yet.

As an aside, it was extremely rainy the day I went, and unfortunately it appears the photos I took with my iPhone disappeared.  So, this isn't a photo at Loudoun Valley, but it is a photo on the same day!

To contact Loudoun Valley Vineyards please visit their website at or on twitter at @LoudounValley

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