Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Off to the Vineyards

Visiting Willowcroft
I love visiting the wineries in and around the Washington DC Metro Region.  For a long time Virginia wine was the bastard stepchild of American, or even Global wine production.  Only a small handful of vintners received any recognition for producing an average product, much less something simply above average or even exceptional.

My how the times have changed.  Virginia's wineries are now producing award winning wines that compete on the same stage as some of the well known world greats.

While nothing is currently produced in large quantities, the level of the quality displayed in their wines is substantially above par. 

Recent trips out to some of the bigger names in the Northern VA Area makes it clear that I need to spend some time and energy focusing on the wine that is here in the local region.  As such I've started collecting visits in the area.  Starting next Wednesday, expect to see a short blurb about my trip out to a local vineyard show up here.  I expect this feature will last a little longer than my pizza fad, but don't be surprised if, like almost every other trial I run I either get bored, or tired of it, and it just disappears.

Here's to hoping it goes on a bit longer than that!

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