Friday, May 9, 2014

Pizza Friday - My Deli & Cafe, Purcellville, VA

I originally picked My Deli & Cafe because it had high Yelp ratings.  The ratings were well deserved as the service was impeccable.

The downside is, after spending all day writing and editing my Pizza Friday posts, I was really in the mood for a pizza.  Apparently, you have to order that from their catering menu, and you can't get it on a walk-in basis.

It felt a bit misleading because the restaurant showed up in the Yelp Pizza results, but yet there was only single-serve Pita pizza to be found.  Very disappointing.  The cafe is a Greek restaurant, with greek ownership, that happens to serve Pizza on a catering menu.

Regardless, my visit happened on Super Bowl Sunday.  From the time I arrived until I disappeared I was the only customer in the place.  The owner bent over backwards to make sure I was satisfied.  He even went to great lengths to recommend other food for me since he assumed (Rightfully) that the Pita-Pizza may not be enough.  It wasn't.

I won't say it was bad, but it's something I could easily make on my own at my house.  Since it didn't solve my cravings, I had to move on and try somewhere else.

I think the next time I stop in I'll get the Gyro.

Sorry for no pictures!   They'll be back next week!

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